Craft Cocktails Jacksonville

craft cocktailFun Facts About Craft Cocktails

Not many people realize this, but the craft cocktail, and craft cocktail lounge are seen as relatively “new” trends in our society, their roots and inception can be seen as early as the 1600’s, and possibly earlier, with what may have been an accidental discovery by explorers and sailors transporting alcohol in barrels. The oak mellowed the liquor, which made the liquor more palatable. Eventually, concoctions were crafted into morning hangover medicines, and this trend ultimately evolved through a couple of stages until it became an evening indulgence. We can talk about the history another time. For now, let’s fast-forward to today.

In search of a Craft Cocktail Bar in Jacksonville

You’re out for a nice evening downtown, and you want something more than the run-of-the-mill mixed drink or a one-size-fits-all beer and bagged snack. You can get those things at any bar or pub in any city. Those places aren’t going to work for you. You’re after craft cocktails, craft beers, a comfortable setting, and some awesome foods to go with them.

Where do you find a Craft Cocktail Lounge and Craft Beer downtown?

After a quick search for “Craft Cocktail Bar Jacksonville,” it’s no surprise to find a few of the better-known places listed. The surprising thing is that there is only one place in or near downtown Jacksonville where you can enjoy a unique craft cocktail or craft beer in a relaxing setting, with access to a full gourmet menu of delicious foods, and a fun nightclub. Element Bistro, Bar & Lounge, is the newest Craft Cocktail Bar in Jacksonville where you can get a handcrafted cocktail or a craft beer downtown.

The moment you walk in, you’ll know you’re in the right place. Element Bistro has a feel of elegance and class. The atmosphere is inviting and comfortable, it’s clean down to the last detail, and the staff is meticulously dressed and friendly. You can enjoy some wine, a craft beer, or find a craft cocktail to satisfy your palate.

Take a look at Element Bistro’s original craft cocktail offerings:

When you get hungry, there is a Chef ready to prepare a world-class meal. No fried foods, and no items on the menu with more than 20 grams of fat. Element is the only Craft Cocktail Lounge downtown that can say this.

Check out this recent article about Element’s amazing chef and his food menu.

Next time you’re out, treat yourself to a special night. Go to Element Bistro, Bar & Lounge to understand why it’s such a special place; one where you can get a craft beer downtown, and fully experience a true Craft Cocktail Lounge like no other you’ve seen in Jacksonville.